Saturday, August 10, 2013

     Hey!  I just finished the first draft of the third book in The Teacher Series.  Once the story starts to form in my mind, I have to get it out.  Scenes pop into my head and I'm so forgetful that I have to write them down immediately or I won't remember.  I think it's a symptom of old age.  This morning, I woke from a dream that was the final chapter in the book.  That's the first time I've worked out a scene in a dream. 
     Writing the first draft is always my favorite part because I'm excited to tell the story.  Now comes the revising and editing which isn't as much fun to me.  The story will go through several rewrites with me adding details, names, and more complex sentences. 
     I start back to work in just over a week, so my goal was to get the rough draft done before that.  I finished it a week before schedule!  I would have finished a long time ago if I didn't waste so much time crushing candy.  I really wish I never would have started the game because I can't seem to stop playing it.  I'm currently stuck on level 182.  Ugh.
     With the first two books in the series, scenes for the next book started formulating in my mind before I finished the book I was working on.  I wonder if that will happen this time as well.
     Gracie was sleeping in my lap when I finished it.  She wasn't all that excited when I pulled the covers back to tell her.
     Bye for now.
This is Gracie!

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