Saturday, August 17, 2013

     Hey!  My summer is just about over.  Teachers return to work on Monday.  It's funny how summer vacation always goes by so fast and the school year drags.  I am excited to see the students and how much they've grown over the summer.
     I just finished the first revision on the third book.  I've been working hard because I know after tomorrow, I won't have much time to write.  My goal is to revise the story one more time and then a final check for mistakes and send it off to Rebel Ink Press by the last day of August.
     Yesterday, the fourth book started to form in my mind.  The same thing happened with the previous books.  Today while I waited for my son to be fitted for his band uniform, I developed the main characters' physical and personality traits.  I was there for a long time waiting.  I'm now carrying around a spiral to jot down ideas for the fourth installment in the series.  I'm relieved that the next plot is coming together but it stresses me out a little because I still haven't finished book three.
     Rebel Ink Press celebrated their third anniversary this week.  Congratulations!  I can't wait to be one of their published authors.
     I will continue to blog over the next couple of months in hopes that after my first book is released, someone will read the posts.
     Bye for now.

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