Friday, September 27, 2013

                                          20 Days Left!!!!

Hey Everyone,

   Not much longer and I will be a legitimate author.  I'm just pretending to be one until October 17th. 

   On my way to work this morning, two more scenes popped into my head for book number four.  I wrote them down as soon as I got to work.  Otherwise, I would forget them.  It stinks getting old.  I still have to finish the pre-edits for book two, finish book three, and then I can start on book four.  My head hurts just thinking about it.

   It's Friday night and in Texas that means high school football.  I need to leave soon, so I can see the half time show.  My husband and I both played trumpet in the high school band.  That's how we met, he was my squad leader.  So when our daughter was old enough, she played the trumpet and now our son plays trumpet.  Crazy.

   Have a great weekend and here is tonight's sneak peak.

The car Emmelynne drives in the book is my dream car.

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