Tuesday, September 17, 2013

                    30 Days and Counting!

Hey everyone! 

   I'm getting really excited!  Schooled, Book 1 in the Teacher Series will be released on Oct. 17th!!!! I've already used multiple exclamation points here and I've been cautioned to use them sparingly, so I must be feeling over the top this evening!  I better contain myself before someone calls the cops.
   Rough day at school, so I met a dear friend for dinner and she always puts me in a positive mood (she's a character in the  first book).  And I'm pleased to announce my silly mood is not a by-product of alcohol. 
   Starting tonight, I'm going to release small bits of information about the book. 

The lead female characters in the series have bits of my personality.  So when you read Schooled, you'll have to guess which of her many annoying, slightly offensive quirks are mine.

Bye for now!

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