Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays!

   The packages are opened and the ham is in the oven, so what is the rest of my family doing......sleeping of course.  I don't mind because at least my family is healthy, happy, and together.
   There always seems to be a moment every year that becomes cemented in my mind.  This year's memory has to do with underwear.  I'll have to give you the back story first.
   One Christmas eve when my daughter and son were very young, I realized that I had forgotten to wrap each kid's package of underwear.  Being the quick thinker (and lazy person) that I am, I came up with the idea of sticking the underwear packages in their stockings.  The next morning, Jessie and Nate assumed that Santa had brought them underwear for Christmas.  No big deal, I'll give Santa the credit for my thoughtful gift.  The embarrassing part came as my kids told everyone that Santa brought them underwear for Christmas.  Everyone had their laugh and I assumed the story was over.  To my surprise the next year, guess what my kids asked Santa for when they sat on his lap.  Yep....underwear.  So started the tradition of the jolly old man leaving underwear in their stockings.  Since then every year my kids laugh and ask if there will be unders in their stocking.  This year I decided that it was probably time to end the tradition.  However, when I announced to my sixteen and almost twenty year old that there wouldn't be any undergarments in their stockings, they were really upset.  Apparently one of their favorite traditions has been and always will be the underwear in their stocking.  So guess what was in their stockings this morning.

I wanted to add some pictures of my favorite decorations at my house.  This is Nate's collection and it grows every year.

 Merry Christmas from my family to yours!


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