Sunday, March 2, 2014

Welcome CL Parks author of She Who Hunts

Character Interview by CL Parks

·         I asked my characters Tenna Massey and Jason Longknife to join us today. After much persuading they agreed. Thanks for joining us guys.

·         Tenna – Hey. Jason - How long will this take?

·         I’m sorry, I know you guys are busy lately. We’ve recently been told about your fight with the demons possessing humans in the area. What can you tell us about this phenomenon?

·         *Tenna looks at Jason and shrugs* Tenna – That’s kind of a vague question. What exactly do you want to know?

·         Sorry. Can you tell us how something like that happens?

·         Jason – Not really. It’s not like the demons have a brochure out about how they take over human bodies.

·         Tenna – I think she means about the recent onslaught. Is that what you’re asking?

·         Yeah. It seems like it’s been happening more lately. Do you think there’s a reason behind this?

·         Tenna – It doesn’t help that I’ve decided to become a Hunter. They’ve always had a vendetta against me, and now I’m out killing them.

·         Jason – Tenna.

·         Tenna – What? I didn’t say anything you wouldn’t have.

·         Jason – Look, it seems like it’s happening more lately because of all the news coverage. It seems like nothing is kept a secret anymore.

·         Tenna – Yeah, with social networks covering things the second it happens it’s kind of hard to cover up a slaughter.

·         Um, yeah. I guess it would be. Can you tell us a little about your relationship?

·         Jason – I’d rather not.

·         Tenna – Dude, you’re blushing. Actually, our relationship is still growing. I mean, you see how hot he is, so it’s hard not to be attracted to him. But honestly he’s just a really good guy. Well, I guess the demons wouldn’t agree.

·         Jason – You’re twisted.

·         Tenna – And you love it.

·         So you two admit there is a relationship budding between you?

·         Tenna – It’s not like we can go out and date like the rest of you. Between constant murders, demons trying to kill me, and the death of people we love we take whatever moments we can get together.

·         I was told there was a prophecy about the two of you. Is this true?

Jason – There’s a prophecy about her.

What about the part about her soul mate being a Skinwalker?

Tenna – Yeah, that’s in there, too.

He thinks it’s him. Do you?

Tenna – I hope so.

Jason – Thanks.

Your story is hitting the shelves on March 3. How do you two feel about that?

Jason – I’d prefer to keep our lives secret, but it’s nice to know someone is actually paying attention. Hell, if it helps save a few lives then I guess it’s worth it.

How do you mean save a few lives? If someone is possessed wouldn’t you just call a priest?

*both laugh* Tenna – No, it’s not that easy. If someone becomes possessed the only way to free their soul from the demon and send the demon back to Hell is by killing the host. In other words, if you become possessed I’ll have to shove my sword through your heart or you’ll be in the grips of the demon for eternity.

What about your husband?

Tenna – What about him?

Will you kill him?

Jason – She’ll do what’s necessary.

Tenna – I’ll do what it takes to save his soul, if that’s what you’re asking.

You don’t seem too happy about that?

Tenna – Would you be? Are we done?

I’m sorry I upset you. I look forward to reading your story She Who Hunts. Thanks again for joining us.

About the Author

CL Parks has had a passion for writing since reading Charlotte’s Web in kindergarten. After rewriting the ending to gift Charlotte with immortal life she became obsessed. Her tastes quickly moved from sweet and innocent to the supernatural after reading Stephen King in fifth grade. Since the moment she picked up Pet Semetary she devoured every supernatural and preternatural book she could get her hands on by authors ranging from Anne Rice to Stephanie Rowe.

When not fully engulfed in the latest release or typing away at her newest novel you can find her corralling her chickens, playing with her dogs, spoiling her large lizard or sewing a new vintage inspired dress. Her dream is to travel the country in an RV with her husband while writing more books…after the kids have gone on to college, of course.



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