Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Unloveable Series

Hey everyone!

   I've written a new series about a team of mercenaries that feel like they're unloveable because of their background.  The first book will be released on Oct. 10th.  Here's a sneak peak!

Before Brooklyn Hennessey can bury her estranged husband, his murderers threaten her small children.  Alone, distraught, and feeling completely helpless, she is forced to swallow her pride and turn to the only man skilled enough to protect them.  
Mercenary, Gage Hennessey, blasts into town with one thing on his mind, revenge.  Relying on his superior military training and experience, Gage explodes into action not only to hunt down the killers but to shield his brother’s loved ones.
The two adversaries will have to put aside their animosity and work together to bring the killers to justice and save their family.