Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Thank you, Rebel Ink Press! I still struggle to believe that a publisher actually took a chance on publishing my work but to be recognized for it, feels incredible! Thank you, everyone, for making my dream come true.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Taint will be released Saturday!

Here's an excerpt from the book.

As soon as she heard the door close, Harper’s eyes snapped open.  She only had a short window of time to make her escape before Dante’s goons returned.  The nurse had been cooperative enough to make the muscle heads retreat to the waiting room when she’d pretended to be uncomfortable with allowing them to stay while she undressed.  Undoubtedly, Dante’s hired henchmen wouldn’t wait long before they rudely barged into her room.  They didn’t trust her and rightly so because this was her last chance of escaping and starting a new life for not only herself but also for her baby.  She didn’t intend to blow it!
Her arm might have been the only bone broken this time, but she was covered in enormous, ugly bruises.  Sadly this wasn’t the first, second, or even third time she’d visited this emergency room but she intended for it to be her last.  Today was the day she’d dreamt of, either she’d finally get away or she’d die trying.  Now that she knew about the baby, she was more determined than ever.
Her first task was to get out of the hospital bed as quickly and gently as she could manage.  As soon as she rolled to her side, her bruised ribs protested but she continued until her feet touched the floor and she straightened to a semi standing position.  The injured ribs on her left side made it impossible to stand completely erect.  The chilly tile floor felt good on the bottoms of her burned feet.  If only she’d been wearing sensible shoes when they escorted her to the car, they wouldn’t have removed them and the poor soles of her feet wouldn’t have burned on the ridiculously hot concrete.
She gingerly slid the hospital gown off and pulled her torn t-shirt over her head.  She pulled her thick, silky black hair through the collar.  Getting the cast on her left arm, the same side as her bruised ribs, through the sleeve proved to be the most difficult, but eventually her persistence prevailed.
Grabbing the railing on the hospital bed, she cautiously stepped into the sandals Miguel, Dante’s chief security officer, brought to the hospital.  It had taken a frustratingly long time but she was finally dressed.  Every second counted and she’d just wasted too many of those precious seconds trying to put her clothes on.  Now it was imperative she regain some of the lost time.  Double checking to ensure her identification and small amount of money were in her jeans pocket, she quickly made her way to the door.
Slowly opening the heavy metal door just a couple of inches, she pressed her face in the crack to see if Miguel and Javier were watching.  When she didn’t see them, Harper exited the room and snuck around the corner out of sight from the waiting room.  As she gingerly walked down the hall holding her side, she noticed a closet with carts lined up against the wall full of dirty scrubs.  An idea materialized as she quickly diverted her direction, entered the room and closed the door.
Digging through the hampers, she finally found a set of scrubs close to her size without any blood stains.  She carefully pulled the hospital uniform over her clothes, located a surgeon’s cap, managed to tuck her hair up, and cracked the door to peak down the hall.  When she was positive no one noticed her, she slipped out of the closet and made a beeline toward the exit.
Ten feet from the automatic doors, she heard the commotion.  “Where is the patient from this room?  Did anyone see where she went?” Two booming voices shouted throwing the emergency room in chaos.
Her heart beat so fast, it felt like it might jump out of her chest at any moment.  Her stomach churned violently which activated her gag reflex making her feel like she’d vomit.  With her uninjured arm she instinctively wiped the sweat from her forehead.  Calm down, Harper.  You have to focus. Nothing in your life has ever been this important, she coached herself.


The last two years have been brutal for Harper Thomas.  She’s learned quite a few lessons the hard way.  She now knows that to survive, she has to use every resource at her disposal and the only person she can rely on is herself.
When guilt ridden mercenary, Kai Williams, was hired to track a lovesick old man’s materialistic, runaway girlfriend, he never imagined the minefield of deceit he’d have to navigate.
Will Harper be able to let her guard down to trust someone else and will Kai learn the truth in time to not only save her but himself?