Sunday, November 27, 2016

Holiday Traditions

   The holiday season has arrived just as it does every year.  For most of us the stress of overcrowded stores, secret Santa exchanges, work parties, and baking enough sweet treats to ensure everyone you've ever known will slip into a diabetic coma is what the holidays have become. Unfortunately, the sentimental traditions of our past end up being thrown to the side in an attempt to lesson the stress.
   I'm no different from anyone else who feels anxious attempting to make every Christmas perfect.  I always start the season out with the illusion that this year I'll pull off the perfect Christmas worthy of Martha Stewart's stamp of approval.  As the weeks fly by between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I quickly admit defeat and begin to eliminate the traditions of the past.
  There are only a few traditions I simply can't let loose.  When the tradition is the only thing left of the memory is when it's too precious to forget.
   Every December 23rd that I can remember of childhood, I spent the night at my grandparents' house.  Back in those days, we didn't have a thousand television stations or millions of Youtube videos to watch.  There were three national and one local broadcasting stations.  But somehow every single year, White Christmas always managed to come on late that night.  My Grandma would always make up a bed on the living room couch for me and she would stretch out on the opposite end and turn on the movie.  Grandma would fall asleep around ten minutes in but I would stay awake through the entire movie.  I loved the end when the characters would open the doors so everyone could see the snow!
   The reason I spent the night was because the next day, Christmas Eve, I would help my Grandma and Grandpa cook and bake for the family get-together that night.  My Mom was the youngest of seven kids and all of them would bring their families over that night to celebrate.  Unfortunately like many other families, the tradition stopped when the matriarch passed away.
   Even though my heartfelt memory should be the entire Duncan clan coming together on Christmas Eve, it's not.  I long for just one more viewing of White Christmas with my Grandma!

   My kids might be adults, but I don't care.  I'm holding on to one of the traditions that I started with my son many years ago.